The EMD-Batimo Group is one of the leaders in the construction and real estate industry of Quebec. With 25 years of experience, the company has a portfolio of residential complexes, including retirement homes, condominiums and rental properties.

EMD-Batimo already has expertise in the deployment of this type of residential concept through the construction in recent years of more over 4,000 units for retirees. It was able to listen to the expectations of this clientele in order to offer a unique and distinctive product.

In addition, thanks to vertical integration, EMD-Batimo acts as a developer, builder, and operator, ensuring high quality standards across each stage.

Femme avec un chandail blanc qui sourit

making a difference
in people's lives

EMD-Batimo’s success can also be explained by its ongoing involvement with the community. Its innovative approach to community relations allows it to collaborate efficiently with the citizens of the environment in which it is established, and thus ensure the harmonious integration of the new living environment to its neighborhood. By being socially involved, the company participates in the construction of a solid and sustainable future, matching the image of its achievements..


Image de Marc Dubuc et de Francis Charron de chez EMD Batimo

Having worked together for over 20 years, Francis Charron acts as developer and Marc Dubuc works on construction sites and coordinates the work of professionals. These two real estate enthusiasts ensure that all the group's projects respect their vision and passion, surrounded by a whole team dedicated to meeting the expectations of customers.

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