frequently asked

The Lib concept provides a living environment for people aged 55 and over. With its modern and comfortable apartments, in addition to shared spaces, the Lib is a place where tranquillity and active life are combined.

160 units are currently planned. It is a rental property.

No. This project aims to preserve, integrate, and enhance the heritage building as part of a new residential project reserved for people aged 55 and over.

Yes. Three commercial spaces are planned on the building’s ground level for a total of 8,000 square feet. These spaces will contribute to a boost of the local dynamism of the commercial artery that Aylmer’s Rue Principale represents. Consultations are currently underway with the Aylmer business community to ensure a complementary commercial offer to the neighborhood.

More than 200 parking spaces are planned, including reserved spaces for visitors and businesses. Underground parking is also planned.

Lib Aylmer is part of the City of Gatineau’s Sustainable Travel Plan. The project is located close to shops and services and is served by many public transport lines. A pedestrian layout is planned on the facade of the Main Street to promote sustainable travel and extend the commercial movement.

No. A traffic impact study was conducted by a CIMA + engineering firm. The flows generated by the project are negligible and have no significant impact on the fluidity of traffic flow and road safety. Traffic conditions remain similar to those of the current traffic. Indeed, residents are retired individuals with flexible hours. They do not contribute to traffic increase at peak hours.

No. A sunshine study was conducted by an architectural firm. At no time during the year does the building shade the houses located nearby.

The construction will take between 16 to 18 months.

Our rental offices are now open. You can write to us through the form on our website or call us at 819 557-1140. It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.

Many meetings and exchanges took place with the Aylmer Heritage Association during the design of the project as well as subsequent stages. Through these consultations, we aim to integrate the historical and architectural considerations of the neighborhood into the project. Several elements have been integrated into the project, including the integration of skylights, the modulation of the front facade and the inclined roof. The goal is to ensure the harmonious integration of this important heritage building for the community.